Step 1: Log in to the UpGuard platform

Click here to log in to the UpGuard platform.

Step 2: Navigate to Typosquatting

Now you're logged in, click Typosquatting in the sidebar under BREACHSIGHT or click here to go to Typosquatting Your screen should look similar to this.

Step 3: Add domain

To add a domain, click Add domain. This will bring up a modal that allows you to search for your domain.

Note: The list of domains displayed is sourced from your BreachSight list of domains. To make sure the domain you need is available in Typosquatting, either add it as a custom domain or contact Support to assist with adding a domain.

Step 4: Search for your domain

Use the search bar to find your domain by URL, e.g. "". Click Add domain.

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