Note: You will only be able to use the typosquatting module if you have it enabled on your UpGuard account.

Video walkthrough

Text walkthrough

Step 1: Log in to the UpGuard platform

Click here to log in to the UpGuard platform.

Step 2: Navigate to Typosquatting

Now that you're logged in, click the "Typosquatting" button in the sidebar under the "BREACHSIGHT" heading, or click here to go straight there

Your screen should now look like this.

Step 3: Add domain

To add a domain, click the "ADD DOMAIN" button. 

Your screen should look like this.

Step 4: Search for your domain

Use the filter box to search for the domain name by URL, e.g. "".

Step 5: Add domain

Click on the domain you want to add and you will see the button light up. Click the button to add the domain.

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