Note: you must be monitoring a vendor before you can send them a security questionnaire. Learn how to add a new vendor here

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Step 1: Log in to the UpGuard platform

Click here to log in to the UpGuard platform.

Step 2: Navigate to Questionnaires

Now that you're logged in, click the 'Questionnaires' button in the sidebar under the 'Vendor Risk' heading, or click here to go straight there

Click 'Send Questionnaire' in the top right-hand corner or centre of the tab if you haven't sent any before.

Step 3: Search for your vendors

Use the search bar to search for your vendor by name or URL, e.g. 'Example'. Select which vendors you would like to send the questionnaire to, then click the 'Confirm and Next' button in the lower right-hand corner. Note you can apply filters to filter by labels, tiers or score.

Step 4: Choose questionnaire type

Choose between sending a previous questionnaire or a new, blank questionnaire. For this example, we'll choose to send a new, blank questionnaire.

When you choose to send a blank questionnaire, you'll be able to choose what type of questionnaire you would like to send, e.g. the default UpGuard questionnaire or the ISO27001 questionnaire.

Once you've made your selection, click the 'Confirm and next' button in the lower right hand corner.

Step 5: Set schedule

Choose a due date for when each recipient should complete the questionnaire by, an optional reminder date, and whether you want to be reminded to resend the questionnaire.

Once you've set your schedule, click the 'Confirm and next' button in the lower right-hand corner.

Step 6: Choose recipients

You'll be able to choose to send to an existing contact or add a new contact for each Vendor you are sending the questionnaire to.

Once you've chosen your recipients from each Vendor, click the 'Confirm and next' button in the lower right-hand corner.

Step 7: Title your questionnaire and add a custom message

Once you've added a title and message, click the 'Confirm and next' button in the lower right hand corner.

Note: You can add the Variable {{VendorName}} in to substitute in the Vendor's name for each different vendor.

Step 8: Confirm and send

Before sending your questionnaire, review the details to ensure you are sending the questionnaires to the right person at each Vendor. 

Once you're happy, click 'Send questionnaires' in the lower right hand corner.

Step 9: You're done!

You've successfully sent a security questionnaire on the UpGuard platform. This will take you back to the Questionnaires page, where you can click into an individual Questionnaire to see the current status of the questionnaire, any reminders set, revision history, correspondence, and a timeline.

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