How to remove a user

Review your user access on a regular cadence and remove users who no longer need access.

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While one user can evaluate your organization's security posture, working as a team ensures consistency of coverage as your needs scale. For accountability with your security team, you can have multiple users in the UpGuard platform to perform continuous monitoring of your attack surface and facilitate your vendor risk management.

Note: only one paid user can access the UpGuard platform with a Basic plan. All other plans scale accordingly.

However, sometimes your team profile will change and you will need to update user access by removing users who are no longer with the company or adjusting user permissions. Removing users can also benefit your security posture by minimizing access to your organization's information. We recommend reviewing your user access on a regular cadence and removing users who no longer need access or who have moved on to other roles.

In this guide, you will remove a user from your organization in the UpGuard platform.

Removing a user

Ensure that you have set up access to your company's account within the UpGuard platform and that you are logged in as an administrator.

Note: Only users with admin-level access can remove users from your organization's account. For more information on user permissions, read our article on What user permissions does UpGuard have.

Find the Account heading in the left navigation menu and select the Settings option (1 in the image below).

Screencapture of the Settings > Users navigation flow and the Users page.

From the Users page in the settings, find the user you want to remove and press the trash can icon to the right of that user's information (2 in the image above).

That icon will load a modal to confirm removal. Press the Remove user button to confirm.

Remove user confirmation modal

To remove multiple users, select each user with the multi-selection box on the left. Once one or more users are selected, a section of the screen will display the options to Delete user(s) or Edit permissions. With the users selected, press the Delete user(s) button.

Screencapture of all users selected for deletion with the multi-selection and deletion button circled

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