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How frequently does UpGuard scan websites?
How frequently does UpGuard scan websites?

Learn about UpGuard's scanning frequency and how quickly we add updated data to the UpGuard platform.

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UpGuard will scan any website belonging to you or a monitored vendor at least once per day. 

In addition, you can request a scan by viewing the scan results for a given website and then press the scan button. 

When the UpGuard platform scans a website it collects data from a variety of sources. Most of this data collection occurs right away, and any changes are reflected as soon as the website is re-scanned (within a day).

However, certain data (specifically some vulnerability data, and some attributes related to TLS version) are collected less frequently, and may take a few days to flow through. 

That said, when you request explicitly request a scan (by pressing the RESCAN button), it will schedule a port scan and the results will be visible within a day. 

How to rescan a website

If you're looking to rescan a domain to ensure you have the most recent scan data then check out How to rescan a domain in UpGuard Breachsight. If you're wanting to rescan a Vendor's domains the process is the same, but you'll want to go to your vendor's domains list instead of the domains list under BreachSight.

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