What is Data Leaks?

Learn more about Data Leaks and how it can help you protect you and your customer's sensitive data.

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Data Leaks shows you where your organization's data is exposed on the Internet. Our proprietary security crawler scours the web, actively searching for open cloud provider buckets, public GitHub reports, and unsecured databases.

As a Data Leaks customer, you'll provide UpGuard with a set of keywords to monitor, and our team of analysts will continually refine it using the expertise and techniques they've learned from years of breach research.

When data leaks are detected, UpGuard analysts provide you with the severity of the exposed data, a description, status, detection date, and last updated date.

Data Leaks Home Page

The Data Leaks Home page provides high-level reporting on the performance of searches for your keywords. From here you can dive further into leak disclosures that UpGuard analysts have vetted for your organization, or explore the keyword mentions that have been classified as non-sensitive.

At the top of the page are statistics summarizing the count of search results over the last 30 days. You can see how many total results there were, how many were classified by our AI, how many analysts investigated, and how many disclosures have not been marked as "closed" in the platform. Below that are the three most recent disclosures with a link to view all on the Disclosures page.

Below that are two graphs plotting how those search results break down by data source and keyword. These can help you understand the data footprint of your business across common sources of exposures.

Charting keyword mentions by data source like database type, storage bucket, and SaaS site.

Charting keyword mentions by keyword.

Data Leaks Disclosures

To view disclosures of likely leaks that have been reviewed by analysts, navigate to the Disclosures page either in the lefthand nav or by clicking "All disclosures" on the Data Leaks Home. Here you will see a list of items that have been reported with their remediation status and most recent update. Clicking any of these will display the detailed case notes for that disclosure, including the chat log that facilitates communication between your team and ours.

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