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What is UpGuard BreachSight's Domains?
What is UpGuard BreachSight's Domains?

Learn about how UpGuard can help you monitor the security posture of your domains.

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UpGuard automatically finds, monitors, and scans your domains on a daily basis. Each domain receives a security rating based on the active security risks. You can also see related data like when it was first scanned, when it was most recently scanned, and any labels or portfolios you have applied.

Clicking into an individual domain will bring up a panel where you can see associated IP addresses and the list of security checks that the domain has passed and failed.

Expanding an individual check will provide you with a description of the risk as well as the date the risk was first detected and the actual and expected values. For risks that recur after being remediated, the "first detected" date will be the most recent time it was detected after a scan that did not detect the risk. For example, if an open RDP port was detected on an IP address in April 1, 2020, remediated on April 5, 2020, and then detected again on Dec 6, 2023, the "first detected" date would currently show Dec 6, as this was the first time the active occurrence of the risk was detected.

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