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How to add a domain to UpGuard BreachSight
How to add a domain to UpGuard BreachSight

Learn how to start monitoring a new domain for security issues inside UpGuard BreachSight.

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UpGuard automatically finds and monitors domains that are associated with your organization. In some situations like when you buy a new domain, we may not automatically associate it with your account.

Don't worry, you can add it yourself!

To add a custom domain, you'll need to log in to the UpGuard platform. Once you're logged in, click on Domains in the sidebar under BREACHSIGHT or click here to go straight there

Once you've clicked on Domains, your screen should look similar to the screenshot below.

Now that you're on Domains, click Add domain.

Clicking Add domain will bring up a modal that allows you to add your domain. Enter the domain you want to add and click Add.

You're done! The domain you have added is now being continuously monitored for security issues.

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