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Step 1: Log in to the UpGuard platform

Click here to log in to the UpGuard platform.

Step 2: Navigate to Domains & IPs

Now that you're logged in, click the "Domains & IPs" button in the sidebar under the "BREACHSIGHT" heading, or click here to go straight there

Your screen should look similar to this.

Step 3: Select domains

Click on the "+ ADD LABEL" or "+" button next to the domains you wish to label. Alternatively, if you want to label multiple domain at once, click the box to the left of the domain name. 

Your screen should now look something like this.

Step 4: Add labels

Now that you've selected the domains you wish to label, click the "↑ Labels" button next to the "x items selected" prompt. 

Your screen should now look something like this. Choose the labels you wish to apply by clicking on them, or add a new custom label by typing into the search box.

Step 5: Click apply

Click the "APPLY" button to add the label(s) you wish to apply to the domain(s).

You should now see that the label has been applied to the domain and your screen should look something like this.

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