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What is the Remediation section?
What is the Remediation section?

Manage your risk remediation workflow in UpGuard and keep track of tasks to help you reduce third-party risk.

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Both BreachSight and Vendor Risk include remediation workflows for managing your remediation activity within UpGuard. You can manage your internal remediation requests through BreachSight and manage vendor remediation requests in Vendor Risk.

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UpGuard enables you to request remediation from vendors based on automated scanning and questionnaire responses for your monitored vendors. For vendor remediation requests facilitated with Vendor Risk, each remediation request outlines the risks that need to be remediated by the vendor. You and your vendor can communicate securely within the UpGuard remediation request. You can view current remediation requests in the Remediation module of Vendor Risk.

For internal remediation requests facilitated with BreachSight, you can create, access, and respond to internal remediation requests. Each remediation request outlines the risks that need to be remediated, the requester, and any correspondence. You can access internal remediation risks in the Remediation module of BreachSight.

For both types of remediation requests, you can calculate potential score changes using our remediation planner, which will estimate how a security rating would adjust once specific findings are resolved.

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