The UpGuard platform allows you to request remediation from a specific vendor. These risks are based on the results of UpGuard's automated scanning and from completed security questionnaires sent through the UpGuard platform. 

However, sometimes you request the wrong risk or you no longer care whether the risk is being remediated and want to remove it from your remediation requests.

If this is you, you can archive the remediation requests by heading to the Remediation section under "VENDOR RISK" or click here.

Click on the "..." next to the wish you want to remediate and then click "Archive".

You'll then see a prompt asking you whether you wish to archive the remediation request. Click "CONFIRM".

You'll be redirected back to the Remediation section and you should see a text that says "> Archived Remediation Requests". If you click that it will expand and show you your archived request with the status "CLOSED".

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