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How to archive vendor remediation requests
How to archive vendor remediation requests

Learn how to archive vendor remediation requests that you no longer wish to action in UpGuard Vendor Risk.

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UpGuard lets you request remediation from monitored vendors based on risks identified through automated scanning or completed security questionnaires. Learn how to send a security questionnaire here.

If you have a long list of complete requests or you no longer want to continue with an in-progress request, you can archive it which will remove it from your active remediation requests.

To archive a request, head to Remediation under Vendor Risk. Your screen should look similar to below.

To archive the request, click the archive icon to the left of the arrow or use the multi-select. Clicking Archive will bring up a modal that asks you to confirm your request.

Click Yes, archive when you are ready. Don’t worry, you can unarchive any requests too.

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