We've made it easy to control who has access to your Shared Profile. You can choose to either give access to any registered UpGuard user or only people who you explicitly approve.

To configure your access control policy, click the "My Shared Profile" menu item under the UpGuard BreachSight header or click here.

From here, click on the "Shared Profile: ON" button to the left of the "View access log" and "Invite user" buttons in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

When you click this button, you should see a modal slide out from the right side of your screen that looks similar to the screenshot below.

Toggle the "Users must request access" button to the right if you want to only give access to UpGuard users who you explicitly approve or to the left if you want to allow any UpGuard user to view your profile and then click "Apply".

Note: if you wish to embed a link to your Shared Profile on your website you will need to have your profile set to public (allow all UpGuard users to view it).

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