An active domain is a domain with an open port or MX record. More specifically, it's a domain that has:

  • An HTTP server responding on port 80/443
  • Any open ports
  • An MX record

UpGuard scans active domains on a daily basis.

In contrast, an inactive domain is a domain with no open ports and no MX record. Domains parked at some registrars are also considered inactive. Inactive domains are scanned on a monthly basis.

This means if you open a port or MX record to an inactive domain, it will move back into your active list after our monthly scan registers the changes.

If you would like to manually rescan an inactive domain, you can do so by heading to the Domains & IPs section of UpGuard BreachSight. Once there, click on the "Inactive domains" tab and then use the "Filter by public URL" to find the domain you want to rescan.

Once you have located the domain you want to rescan, click the "..." button and click "Rescan".

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