UpGuard is offering one complimentary Certified Customer Assessment to qualified customers. The assessment will be conducted by one of UpGuard's assessors and will be published to your UpGuard account for review.

This is a great opportunity to experience UpGuard’s managed service offering for free.

To start off the assessment process, UpGuard's assessors will send you a security questionnaire to complete through the UpGuard platform.

Once you've completed and submitted the questionnaire, our team will assess your answers, along with the results of our automated scanning, and any additional documentation you've provided.

We’ll also run a complimentary Data Leaks search on your company. UpGuard’s data leak detection engine monitors for a range of exposed credentials and file types, including PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, cloud storage, code repositories, and more. When information from these areas is made public where it shouldn’t be, cybercriminals can use that information to cause harm to your business.

Common examples include internal project plans, penetration tests, board minutes, exposed PII, API keys, and system credentials.

The Certified Customer Assessment will be published to your UpGuard Shared Profile, alongside the completed questionnaire, any additional documents you provided, and your security rating. No sensitive data found during the Data Leaks search will be exposed on your UpGuard Shared Profile.

Your UpGuard Shared Profile is a page on the UpGuard platform that allows you to proactively share security-related information with other organizations that want to assess you. This can greatly increase productivity and efficiency for you, and the people who are assessing you.

You’ll never need to respond to the same security-related queries again, just point them to your UpGuard Shared Profile.

Don't worry, your UpGuard Shared Profile is configurable and turned off by default. When you choose to publish it, you can decide whether you would like it to be available to all UpGuard users who monitor your organization or only people who you explicitly invite.

If you have any questions about the process, speak to your account admin or via support@upguard.com.

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