The UpGuard engine auto discovers many of your domains for you. Often you might like to augment this list with your own domains and IPs. For more information around adding domains and IPs to your BreachSight profile, please see our guide on How to add a domain to UpGuard BreachSight.

Sometimes you may want to remove domains that you once added to your profile. Note that you can only remove domains that have been added by yourself - auto discovered domains are locked to your profile. If you believe an auto discovered domain is incorrectly assigned to your profile, please contact UpGuard Support.

Removing a Domain

To remove a domain, navigate to Domains and IPs under the BreachSight menu on the left panel. Domains that have been added into your account manually are assigned the "Custom Domain" label. Again, only custom domains are able to be removed from your profile.

Hovering your mouse over the domain you want to remove will reveal a trash can on the right side of the entry. Clicking the trash can, then OK, will remove that domain from your profile. In the example above, we want to remove "intercom.com" from our UpGuard profile.

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