Customers of the UpGuard CyberRisk platform can collaborate with their vendors to request remediation on risks via remediation. Steps for completing a remediation request from a vendor's perspective are shown below.

For Vendors:

Step 1
You will receive an email inviting you to access the CyberRisk platform to complete the remediation request.

Step 2
If you have not logged into CyberRisk before, you will need to use the link in the email to gain access to the platform and setup an initial password.

Step 3
Once you have received access to the CyberRisk platform, all of the open Remediation Requests will be listed below under the "Remediation Requests" section of the tool. Simply click on a remediation request to begin.

Step 4
Once you have selected a remediation request to work on, the following screen will appear. To get started, review the "Summary" outlining the risks that the customer is requesting remediation for.

Note: You will need to remediate any risks presented via the CyberRisk platform in your own environment.

Step 5
If at any point during the process you need to send a message back to the customer, you can navigate to the "Correspondence" section. The customer sending the Remediation Request will also be able to send messages to you.

Step 6
Once the risk has been remediated in your own environment, the risk will automatically be rescanned in the CyberRisk platform and show 1/1 remediated as shown below.

Step 7
To submit the Remediation Request, select "Actions" and "Submit for review" which will send this back to the customer to review.

How to Collaborate to Complete a Remediation Request

You can invite a colleague to help complete a Remediation Request by clicking the + button and selecting "Share with another user." This will bring up an interface to enter your colleague’s email address and modify a short message that can be sent with the invite. If the user has never logged into CyberRisk before, they will be prompted to register.

For Customers:

What's Next?

Once the vendor has submitted their information, you can review the Remediation Request. You can monitor the progress of your Remediation Request and optionally correspond with the recipient of the request via the Remediation page.

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