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How to create or upload a document
How to create or upload a document

Learn how to create or upload a document and associate with one of your monitored vendors in UpGuard

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UpGuard allows you to create or upload documents and associate them with your vendors.

This feature is commonly used to create a quick note or store longer documents associated with the vendor. This could be information about what project the vendor relates to, why the vendor has been engaged, or any other important information like contract dates, SLAs, internal business owner, or anything else you want to store.

We currently support a max file size of 10 MB and the following file extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, docx, xlsx, csv, and pptx files.

Step 1: Select vendor

Head to vendors by clicking on Vendors in the sidebar or by clicking here.

Step 2: Select vendor

Once you’re on the Vendors page, click on the search bar (1), type in the name of the vendor you want to associate the document with, and then click on the correct row (2). You can search by name or URL. If you aren’t monitoring the vendor, you will need to monitor the vendor first.

In this example, I am searching for UpGuard which is a vendor I am already monitoring.

Step 3: Head to documents

Now that you’ve selected the vendor, you’ll be taken to the Vendor Summary page. From here, you’ll want to navigate to the Documents by clicking on “Documents” in the Vendor menu in the sidebar.

Step 4: Add note or document

Now that we’re on the documents page, we can add a note or document. Regardless of whether you want to create a quick note or upload a file, click Add note or document.

Step 5: Create and save

Once you click Add note or document, a modal will appear with three fields: title, description, and file. Both the description and file upload are optional. This provides you with the flexibility to create a generic note or upload files (or a combination of the two). In the example below I’ve added a title, description, and file.

Once you are happy with your new document, scroll down, and click Create.

Step 6: View, edit, delete, or download your document (optional)

If you ever want to view, edit, delete, or download your document:

  • To view your document click on the corresponding row

  • To edit your document click the pencil

  • To delete your document click the bin; and

  • To download your document click on the cloud

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