UpGuard Cyber Risk comes with a host of default notification types, which can be managed via the Manage Notifications screen.

Additional configuration types, requiring specific configuration settings, need to be setup as 'custom notifications' before they can be used by a member of your account.

Creating a custom notification

To get started, click the "Configure custom notifications" button on the Manage Notifications screen, or click here to go straight there.

Click "Create Notification" to start creating a new custom notification.

First select the type of notification you want to create. Then enter any required parameters for that notification. In the example above, I'm creating a notification to alert me when any of my vendors' scores drop by at least 10 in the last 7 days.

Depending on the type of notification, you can also configure it to only trigger for certain tiers or labels, portfolios and any custom attributes you have added. Click the "+ Add conditional logic" button to do this.

In the example above, I've configured the new notification to only trigger for my Tier 1 vendors that I have labelled to hold customer data, in the Suppliers portfolio, with the Internal Owner Jane Plane.

Click "Create notification" to save the new custom notification.

Using custom notifications

Any custom notifications you create will be available to use by any member of your account.

Like standard notification types, custom notifications can be displayed in-app (on the home page) or sent via email. To configure these setttings for a custom notification, use the Manage Notifications screen. Your new custom notification will appear alongside your other notification types.

Custom notifications can also be used to trigger webhook integrations, configurable via the Create Integration screen.

Severity based risk notifications

In order to create notifications based on a specific risk severity - select any of the options that start with ‘When risks’:

Once you have identified which notification type you wish to set up, select the risk severity and any tiering, labelling, portfolio or attribute filters you want and hit Create Notification.

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