Home is designed to help you stay on top of what has happened in your account since you last logged in by providing you with a customizable, chronologically sorted feed of events.

The number of new events you'll see will depend on how frequently you log in, how many people use your UpGuard account, your permissions, how many websites your organizations has, and how many vendors you manage.

If you are receiving too many notifications or notifications you don't care about, you can customize your notifications by clicking on Manage notifications in the top rightcorner of your screen.

Clicking Manage notifications will take you to User Settings. User Settings is broken down into Vendor notifications, Organization notifications, and General notifications. Note: Depending on your permissions, you may not have access to all notifications.

If you don't want to receive an event in Home, ensure the corresponding toggle is switched to the left as shown below.

You can also dismiss individual events or event types from Home by clicking the x and choosing either Dismiss (to dismiss individual notifications) or Stop receiving notifications like this (to dismiss this type of notification).

If you accidentally turn a notification type off, you can turn it back on by clicking Manage Notifications and then switching the corresponding toggle to the right as shown below.

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