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How to export a vendor's domains
How to export a vendor's domains

Learn how to use UpGuard to export a list of your vendor's domains

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Domains helps monitor a vendor's domains and subdomains. From time to time, you may want to export the complete list or a filtered list of domains owned by a vendor from the UpGuard platform. Here's how you do it.

Important: Account Admin and Standard users have access to the Export feature.

Before you can export a vendor's domains, you’ll need to be monitoring the vendor. Learn how to monitor a vendor here. Once you’ve monitored the vendor, you’ll need to select them. First, click Vendors in the sidebar under the VENDOR RISK header.

Your screen should look similar to below.

Now you’ll need to search for the vendor. In this example, I’ll search for UpGuard (1) and click on the corresponding row to open UpGuard’s Vendor Summary (2).

Clicking on the UpGuard row will open up a sub-menu under Vendors with the heading UPGUARD. In the sub-menu, click Domains.

Now you’re on the vendor’s Domains, click Export in the top right corner of your screen.

Clicking Export will bring up a modal that lets you configure your export. You can choose which types of domains you want to export (active, inactive, or a combination), as well as the format, frequency, and delivery method. In the example below, I've chosen to export Inactive domains only to PDF.

Once you're happy with your selection, scroll down and click Export.

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