Gathering evidence and performing risk assessments is a time-intensive and expensive process for you and your vendors. With Shared Assets, you can securely share questionnaires, additional evidence, and risk assessments with related entities who also use UpGuard.

If you're part of a multi-org account, you can discover shared assets by heading to Vendors and looking for the Shared Assets tag. In the screenshot below, you can see UpGuard has Shared Assets.

Clicking on UpGuard will take you to the Vendor Summary which shows what assets are available (both my own and any that were created by a related entity).

To request access to these assets, click on Shared Assets under UpGuard in the sidebar.

Shared Assets shows all available assets that are owned by a related entity or the vendor. As you can see from the screenshot below, there are three organizations in my group and UpGuard's shared assets available. To request access to an entity's shared assets, click Request Access.

This will send a notification to the other organization requesting that they provide you with access to their assets. You can view your pending shared asset requests under Vendor Asset Sharing in Settings.

Once approved, you'll receive a notification telling you that your request has been granted and you'll be able to access the assets under the Shared Asset section of the vendor. As you can see from the screenshot below, Example Education now has the Access Granted tag. Click on the corresponding row to access their assets.

The resulting page shown below will provide access to their risk assessment, questionnaires, and additional evidence if any of them have been created.

You can also access and discover these assets from their underlying pages. For example, under Risk Assessment, you'll see a Shared assessment tab.

Under Questionnaires, you'll also see a Shared with me tab.

Likewise, the Shared with me tab is also available under Additional Evidence.

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