Administrators can manage the labels of their UpGuard accounts. For background, UpGuard has two types of labels:

  1. Domain/IP labels: Used to label your own and your vendor's domains and IPs across BreachSight and Vendor Risk.

  2. Vendor labels: Used to label your vendors.

To manage your labels, head to Settings which can be found at the bottom of the sidebar.

Now you're on Settings, click on Labels.

From here, you can manage the Domain/IP labels and Vendor labels.

To add a new label, use the associated add label field and then click add.

To edit an existing label, click the pencil icon next to the corresponding label.

Clicking the pencil icon will allow you to edit the name of the label inline. Type in the new label name and then click Save.

And if you want to delete a label, click the trash icon.

This will bring up an inline confirmation step. Click Delete to delete the label.

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