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How to label a subsidiary's domains
How to label a subsidiary's domains

Learn how to use the labelling feature to group a subsidiary's domains in UpGuard BreachSight

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To label a subsidiary's domains, click on Subsidiaries under BREACHSIGHT or click here to go straight there.

Once you've clicked on Subsidiaries, your screen should look similar to the screenshot below.

Now it's time to select the subsidiary. In the example below, I've chosen Clicking on the desired subsidiary will open up its Risk Profile. Click on Domains in the sidebar.

Now that you're on Domains, you'll see a list of your subsidiary's active domains by default. To label an individual domain, click Add label or + (depending on whether the domain already has a label associated).

Clicking Add label or + will bring up a modal that allows you to update the labels for the domain.

Click on the labels you want then click Update labels.

If you need to create a new label, search for it in the search bar and then click + Create new label.

You can also label multiple domains at once by using the multi-select on the far left of the table and then clicking Edit labels.

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