As you are a vendor of an UpGuard customer, you can create a free Shared Profile that allows you to proactively share your security posture and related documentation with any future UpGuard users who request it. You can also share your Shared Profile with non-UpGuard users via email.

Completing your Shared Profile allows you to build trust with your business partners and shows that your organization is taking cybersecurity seriously.

It also means you’ll spend less time filling out manual assessments, customers will have an accurate and current view of your security posture, and you can focus on being proactive rather than reactive.

What can you add to your shared profile?

As a vendor, you can publish the following security-related information on your Shared Profile:

  • Security ratings: Toggle the inclusion of your and your industry average security ratings. Learn more about security ratings here.

  • Security contact: Share contact information for the team or key employee who is responsible for your security. Most companies use a generic security email or the contact information for their Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) or Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

  • Company description: Help users quickly understand what your company does.

  • Security questionnaires: Proactively share complete security questionnaires and reduce time spent on answering assessments. This also benefits your customers and prospects who will be able to assess you in less time.

  • Supporting documentation: Share security-related documentation or compliance certifications such as PCI DSS, SOC 2, ISO 27001, FedRAMP, etc.

How to complete your shared profile

We’ve made it simple to complete your Shared Profile to get started click My Shared Profile in the sidebar. Your screen should look similar to below.

Now that you’re on your Shared Profile, follow the steps outlined in the Complete your Shared Profile section. As you complete each step, the checkbox next to the corresponding item will be ticked as shown below.

Once you have completed the first five steps, you’re ready to publish. Click Publish Shared Profile in the top right corner of your screen or at the bottom of the Complete your Shared Profile section.

Clicking Publish Shared Profile will bring up a side panel that allows you to toggle your Shared Profile. Click on the toggle then click Apply.

How to invite third-parties to view your Shared Profile

Once your Shared Profile is published, you can invite anyone to view it even if they aren’t an UpGuard user. To share it, click Share in the top right corner of your screen.

This will bring up a modal that allows you to add the email addresses of the people you want to invite to view your Shared Profile. Enter the email(s) then click Send invites.

If you accidentally invite the wrong person, want to revoke the invitation, or want to see who has been granted access to your Shared Profile, click on the Access tab. You can revoke an invite by clicking the bin icon and you can revoke previously granted access by clicking Revoke access.

Note: Access requests from UpGuard customers will also appear in the Access tab. See the example below.

How to invite colleagues to view or manage your Shared Profile

You can also invite colleagues to view or manage your Shared Profile. If they are given Editor access they’ll be able to update your security contact, edit your company description, add or remove questionnaires and supporting documentation, and administer your Shared Profile (publish/unpublish and invite/approve/remove users).

To invite a colleague to view or manage your Shared Profile, click on the Your organisation tab then click Invite user.

This will bring up a modal that allows you to invite your colleagues. Simply enter their email address(es), choose whether you want them to be a viewer only or editor, and then click Send invites.

Note: Any colleagues who are sent a questionnaire and share the same email domain as you will automatically be added to your account as a view only user. You can manage their permissions in the Your organisation tab.

How to view the access log of your Shared Profile

You can view who has viewed your Shared Profile by clicking on the Access log tab. The details we provide to you are their full name, email address, and the timestamp of when they viewed your profile.

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