To monitor a new vendor, head to Vendors by clicking on it in the sidebar. Your screen should look similar to below.

From here, you’ll need to click Monitor new vendor. This will allow you to search UpGuard for vendors based on name or URL. Before adding a vendor with no web presence, please confirm the vendor actually has no web presence. For example, if you search for the name of the vendor and we are unable to find it by name and you have the URL, please search by URL.

Even if the URL is not monitored by Upguard, we can automatically scan it for you. This will allow you to see any automated scanning risks associated with the domain and its associated assets. To do this, search by URL then Attempt to scan again.

For more information, please see how to add a vendor.

If the scan is unsuccessful or you know the vendor has no web presence, search by its name. If we can’t find a match, click Create a vendor with no web presence under All search results.

Clicking Create a vendor with no web presence will bring up the modal shown below. Simply enter the vendor name (1) and industry (2) then click Create new vendor.

After the vendor has been created, you’ll be prompted to select a relationship to the vendor and add any labels that you desire. Once you are happy with your selection, click Monitor vendor.

Clicking Monitor vendor will take you to the Vendor Summary of the vendor. From here, you’ll be able to send questionnaires, upload additional evidence, create a risk assessment, and upload documents or contacts. After the vendor has returned a questionnaire, it will receive a security rating and you’ll also be able to use our risk remediation and risk waiver workflows.

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