When requesting remediation from your organization, a subsidiary, or a monitored vendor, you can now estimate the change in score that would occur if the selected risks are remediated.

To get started, create a remediation request for your organization, a subsidiary, or one of your monitored vendors. As you select risks to be remediated, you will be able to see the potential score impact update in real time on the right hand side of the screen.

Understanding the potential new score should allow you to more easily prioritise fixing the risks that will have the most impact on your organization or your vendors' security posture.

Viewing the score projection on existing requests

When viewing an existing remediation request, you can also see the score estimate, based on the scenario where all requested risks are remediated. This score estimate will take into account the current organization or vendor score, not just the score at the time the request was created.

To make it easier for remediation request recipients to understand their security rating and the impact that fixing the requested risks will have, they can also see the same score estimate when viewing the remediation request.

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