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How to calculate potential score changes with the remediation planner
How to calculate potential score changes with the remediation planner

Estimate changes to security ratings that will occur once remediation requests are resolved.

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When requesting remediation from your organization, a subsidiary, or a monitored vendor, you can now estimate the change in score that would occur if the selected risks are remediated using the remediation planner.

The remediation planner is an automated tool that will evaluate the risks and assets relevant for a specific remediation request and provide a prospective adjustment to your organization's security rating. The estimated score projection indicates how remediating risk findings can positively impact your security posture.

Creating a remediation request

Begin by creating a remediation request. You can either create an internal remediation request for your organization with BreachSight or a remediation request for one of your monitored vendors in Vendor Risk.

Once you are in the remediation workflow, you will have the option to Select risks and assets that pertain to this request. As you select findings salient to this remediation request, the Your remediation plan panel will update in real-time with the potential score impact. Our proprietary scoring algorithm evaluates each finding individually and measures how they interact.

Screencapture of a remediation request with two risks selected and one impacted asset

You can use the remediation planner to prioritize remediation for findings that will have the most impact on your organization or your vendors' security posture.

Viewing the estimated score projection on existing requests

When accessing an existing remediation request, you can review estimated changes if all requested risks are remediated. This score estimate will take into account the current organization or vendor score, not just the score at the time the request was created.

Screencapture of the projected change to the security rating

The recipient of your remediation request will also have access to the score estimate. This shared information will communicate the impact that the remediation will have for the security rating.

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