The News & Incidents feature is a feed of timely, public information tailored to you and your vendors. Posts within that feed are classified as News, Incidents, and Dark Web.

News items are information about business events. Incidents are security incidents, like publicly reported data breaches and ransomware attacks. Dark Web posts are posts collected directly from sites affiliated with malicious actors that transact on the dark web. All of the News, Incidents, and Dark Web posts presented in UpGuard are publicly available information, and require no credentials or transactions to access.

Because the sources in the dark web category are inherently untrustworthy, the scope of posts presented in UpGuard is limited to ransomware groups that have demonstrated they pose a credible threat. While past performance is not indicative of future results, these are threat actors whose breach announcements provide salient information widely used by information security practitioners. Links to the original posts are included so that security professionals can conduct their own analysis.

Dark web posts in UpGuard include the company involved and a summary of relevant information about the announcement. The original texts of these posts may be edited to omit colorful language not relevant to analysis of the potential impact.

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