What is a limited user?
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In order to avoid fracturing members of your organization into separate accounts, we will sometimes automatically add new users to your account as limited users.

This can happen when a person in your organization is sent a questionnaire or remediation request, and they do not already have a user account. If their email address matches your company domain, we'll automatically add them as a limited user to your company account.

What can limited users access?

By default, limited users have read-only access to the shared profile published by your organization, and nothing else. We grant this permission so that users in your organization who are sent a remediation request for a shared questionnaire are able to see the contents of that questionnaire.

Grant a limited user more permissions

We default to granting limited users read-only access to your published shared profile to keep automatically assigned permissions to a minimum. When this automatic process occurs, we will email all administrators on your account to let them know. Then, administrators can decide which additional permissions (if any) to grant to the new user, based on who they are and their role in the organization.

Do limited users count towards my account's user limit?

No, they do not. Users who only have permissions to access My Shared Profile do not count towards your user limit.

However, once a limited user is granted additional permissions outside of My Shared Profile, they may start counting towards your account's user limit.

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