UpGuard Beta Tester program

Learn about UpGuard's Beta Tester Program, what it is, and how to get involved.

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What are UpGuard Beta Testers?

Beta testers are current UpGuard customers who have opted in to test out our new features while they are in beta. They receive early access to some of our new features, and the opportunity to provide direct feedback to our Product team before we ship these features to all users.

As a general rule, beta testers will get access to new features that will be included in their existing subscription.

How long do betas last?

Our product betas typically run for at least two to four weeks, sometimes longer. We'll start and end beta testing in line with our product releases, which happen every two weeks and commission feedback throughout the period.

Are there any requirements to be a Beta Tester?

The only requirements to join our Beta Tester Program are to be a current UpGuard customer, and be willing and able to provide feedback on our features.

How do I find out about new beta features?

All beta testers will receive an email letting them know when we've enabled a new beta feature on their UpGuard account. We'll only email the specific users who have opted in to our Beta Tester Program. But because we enable most features for accounts, not just users, anyone with access to a beta tester's company UpGuard account will also have access to the beta features.

We also mention new features that have moved into beta in our release notes.

How do I provide feedback on these features?

We'll send our beta testers a feedback form to fill out, or just invite them to reply to the notification email with any feedback or questions, or both!

You can also reach out to your Technical Account Manager or contact our support team to share your feedback.

How do I become an UpGuard Beta Tester?

We're glad you asked! To join our beta program, reach out to your Technical Account Manager, or contact our support team via [email protected] or the chat widget in the UpGuard platform, and we'll handle the rest!

Remember, the only requirements to join are to be a current UpGuard customer, and to be willing and able to provide feedback on our new features. We're looking forward to seeing you in our Beta Tester Program!

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