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Can I scan a sub-directory of a domain?
Can I scan a sub-directory of a domain?

If we scan why don't we scan as well?

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Currently, UpGuard scans the root domain only and doesn't look at any sub-directories or paths.

Sub-directories are typically hosted on the same server as the root domain, and we have found that most of the checks we perform would not benefit at all from scanning more than just the root domain. For the vast majority of domains the settings and security that you find on the root domain are representative of any sub-directory that you can find.

If you would like to monitor the IP address of your of a particular vendor you can see the steps to do so here:
How to monitor a vendor's IP addresses and IP ranges.
How to add a custom IP address or IP ranges

If you are after more information regarding Upguard's scans, or have reasons why this is a feature you require then please reach out to support using the Intercom chat located in the bottom right of Upguard pages.

You can also check out some other pages in our help-center below.

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