For this release we've focused on delivering improvements to executive/board-level reporting. You can now create reports that are specifically tailored to this audience, with the appropriate level of detail and information.

Some of these improvements include:

  • Reworking the way in which you interact with the ‘Reports’ navigation menu item. You can now see a library of reports that can be generated on the platform.

  • A new Board Summary report is now available. This provides a high level snapshot of key factors around your organization’s cyber security posture, including company risk rating, industry average, and severity of risks. This is a quick and easy way to share key information with your executive team and other interested parties.

  • Improved Vendor Summary and Breachsight Executive Summary reports are now available. These give you the option to generate:

    • Predefined summarized versions of the original Vendor and Breachsight Reports, providing a snapshot of key information for your executives.

    • Detailed versions of the reports, which allow you to customize and display all the information your cybersecurity team might need to identify and reduce your third party risks.

For more information on the new reporting features in UpGuard, check out ‘Reporting in UpGuard Cyber Risk’.

Other improvements

  • Subsidiaries are now filtered in alphabetical order, rather than the order they were added/detected.

  • The visibility status of each question is now provided in the excel export of a questionnaire.

  • This release includes a number of bug fixes.

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