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Inviting a vendor to access their full security profile in UpGuard
Inviting a vendor to access their full security profile in UpGuard

Learn how to provide your vendors with full security profile access in UpGuard

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When assessing a potential or current vendor’s cyber security risk, you can send them a specific remediation request which explains and provides guidance in resolving a particular risk. This is useful for resolving particularly critical risks but can get unwieldy when including too many risks. For some vendor relationships, it will be even more effective to provide them with full visibility into their external attack surface so they can proactively examine and improve their cyber security posture to create a safer business partnership.

UpGuard Vendor Risk customers can provide 14 days of full security profile access to each of their vendors, giving them free access to proactively review and improve their cyber security posture using the UpGuard platform. There is no limit to how many vendors you can provide this access to, but there are some limitations on whether a vendor is eligible.

How do I invite my vendor to their full security profile?

To send an invite to a vendor, you must first be monitoring that vendor. Head to the Vendor Risk module in the Navigation panel, then select Vendors to find your vendor and click on them to go to the vendor summary. In the header you will see an email icon next to their name. Click on this icon and follow the prompts to give your vendor access to their full security profile.

What can an invited vendor see?

Invited vendors will have access to the full BreachSight and Vendor Risk products for the duration of the 14-day free access period.

What happens when the free access ends?

Once the time period has expired, vendor accounts will transition back to free accounts, which allows the vendor to answer questionnaires and remediation requests, and manage a shared security profile for their company (if they are the organization account admin). All activity that takes place during the free access period will be retained and is accessible if at any time your vendor decides to become a customer of UpGuard.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for access to their full security profile a user:

  • Must not have previously redeemed this offer

  • Must not already have access to their full UpGuard security profile

If a vendor is not eligible, the invite button will be grayed out and hover text will explain why.

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