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How to set up an integration in UpGuard
How to set up an integration in UpGuard

Learn what integrations are available with UpGuard and how to set them up

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You can set-up integrations with other platforms to notify them of events that happen in your UpGuard account, allowing you to seamlessly integrate notifications and events from UpGuard with your standard tools and processes across your organization.

  • Use webhooks to send notifications from within UpGuard to other applications.

  • Connecting UpGuard to your Slack workspace allows you to direct UpGuard notifications into a Slack channel of your choice.

  • Integrating with Jira Cloud allows you to send notifications you need directly into a specified Jira project.

  • Email integrations allow you to direct email notifications to any specified email address.

  • Zapier integration allows you to connect UpGuard with thousands of the most popular apps, so you can automate your work flows, particularly for repetitive tasks such as adding vendors and creating Jira tickets based on breaches or score changes.

You have the flexibility to customise which notification and event types you want to use as triggers for notifications via your integrations. This applies to both standard and custom notifications you have set up prior to setting up an integration. To learn how to set up custom notifications see How to create custom notifications.

To set up an integration navigate to the Integrations tab within Settings, then select New Integration.

You will then be presented with the range of integration options to select from, and be guided through the set-up.

To learn how to set up each specific integration type refer to the relevant article:

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