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What are "provisional" risks?
What are "provisional" risks?

As part of the release process for risks that will affect scores, they are first added to the platform with no score impact.

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As part of our release process for new risks that affect scoring, we first publish them in a "provisional" state so that users can take action prior to the score impacts.

When a risk is in the provisional period, you will be able to see it in the Risk Profile and on any affected Domains or IPs, as with other risks. The same information will be available, including the severity and actual versus expected values detected on each asset.

Provisional risks include "provisional" in the title so that you can easily filter exports to just these risks and take any remediative action prior to the risks being released to general acceptance.

After the provisional period, these risks will be updated to include score impacts and otherwise appear and operate like other risks.

Customers are notified when provisional risks are added so that you can take action and examine how they will affect your profile, and again when those risks are updated to include score impacts. Any other particular information relating to the risks will also be communicated to customers through email.

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