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Learn more about UpGuard's AI Toolkit features.

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What is UpGuard’s AI Toolkit?

UpGuard's AI Toolkit is a collection of time-saving features that utilize generative AI.

AI Autofill is a feature that will improve your questionnaire time to completion by generating suggestions from your previous questionnaire answers. By employing AI Autofill to supply accurate, reliable suggestions drawn from your previous answers, you can focus on tailoring high-quality answers rather than spending time filling out boilerplate text. Learn more about AI Autofill in our guide on How to use AI Autofill for questionnaires.

AI Enhance is a feature for vendors which instantly improves ‘rough draft’ answers in questionnaires, by correcting spelling and grammar errors, turning bullet points into sentences, and more. You can use AI Enhance by inputting text into free text fields within questionnaires, and clicking the AI Enhance button located within the text field. Your input will not generate content or initiate the AI feature unless you click the AI Enhance button. You can learn more about this feature here.

Are the AI Toolkit features available to my whole team?

Yes; all users with permissions to answer questionnaires will have the option to try out this feature.

How do I stop using AI Enhance or AI Autofill?

No data is sent without your explicit use of the feature. If you decide you no longer want access to UpGuard’s AI Toolkit or the AI Enhance and AI Autofill features, this feature can be removed by contacting UpGuard support.

How does the UpGuard AI Toolkit use my data?

AI Toolkit currently relies on the OpenAI API. You agree to send your inputs to the OpenAI API in order for us to provide you with AI Toolkit. We may use your inputs into AI Toolkit to improve our provision of AI Toolkit to you. Your data that is not inputted as part of using AI Enhance, AI Autofill, and other AI Toolkit features will not be shared with OpenAI.

Pursuant to the OpenAI API terms, your inputs are not used to develop or improve the OpenAI Services (see As a general security precaution and a best practice, however, we recommend that you do not input personal data as an input into AI Toolkit features. For more information about OpenAI’s security practices, please see

Are there additional costs?

AI Enhance and other AI Toolkit features are free to use at this time, but we may choose to charge for some or all of the features in the future.

Are there usage limits?

To ensure that AI Enhance, AI Autofill, and AI Toolkit features are available to all users, your access to these features may be restricted based on the amount of your usage.

Are there any regional limitations in using these features?

The AI Toolkit currently relies on the OpenAI API. You acknowledge and agree that your use is subject to any applicable laws and that use of these features or this service may be subject to restrictions in your region.

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