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What is the Shared With Me module?
What is the Shared With Me module?

You can use the Shared With Me page to access Trust Pages about your monitored vendors.

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Shared With Me provides an overview for all Trust Pages that have been published by vendors that you monitor. From here, you can access any documents and information that your vendors have added to their Trust Page. You'll have clear insight to your vendors' security posture, and you can streamline assessments by reviewing their relevant materials in the Trust Page.

Select the relevant party from the list on the Shared With Me page to load the Trust Page they have published.

If a Trust Page has been set with access protection, you may need to wait for access approval to view security questionnaires, audit reports, and other documentation that will help you assess the organization. The Status column identifies what level of access you have from three options:

  • Available means that this page is available to your organization.

  • Available on Request means that you must be approved by the company before you can access materials.

  • NDA Required indicates that you must agree to the terms of the company's NDA before you can access materials.

  • Access Pending means that you have submitted an access request that is awaiting approval.

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