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How to use AI Autofill for questionnaires
How to use AI Autofill for questionnaires

Populate questionnaires quickly and efficiently with our AI Autofill tool, which suggests answers from your completed questionnaires.

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Completing security questionnaires is time-consuming. UpGuard improves the questionnaire process with tools to help you answer quickly and accurately, like AI Autofill.

With AI Autofill, you can upload past questionnaires in an Excel format (.XSLX) as source documents or select from your previous questionnaires completed in UpGuard. AI Autofill will examine your past responses and populate the current questionnaire with suggestions that you can accept, reject, or edit. By employing AI Autofill to supply accurate, reliable suggestions drawn from your previous answers, you can focus on tailoring high-quality answers rather than spending time filling out boilerplate text.

Providing a source for AI Autofill

UpGuard's AI Autofill tool derives suggestions for your current questionnaire from your existing source materials. If you have already answered a standard UpGuard questionnaire through any method β€” whether through the online form or the offline completion feature β€” that questionnaire will be available for selection in AI Autofill, so you will not need to import it again. In this section, you will provide a past source for AI Autofill and then review the AI-driven suggestions for your questionnaire.

To supply sources, start or continue the questionnaire you need to complete.

When you first open the questionnaire, you will be prompted to Try our autofill tool. Select this option, or choose Run autofill from within the Tools menu to upload your external sources.

If you have access to previously completed questionnaires in UpGuard, you will have the option to select those questionnaires as sources.

You can also upload questionnaires that you have completed in an Excel format (.XSLX). If you maintain a primary spreadsheet to track questions and answers across various questionnaires, you can import that file as your source for AI Autofill.

You can optionally choose whether AI-driven suggestions should only be added to empty fields. Selecting this option ensures that any answers you have already provided will not be overwritten with new suggestions.

When you have chosen source files, select which sheets should be included and identify the question and answer columns and row offset for each sheet. If you have uploaded a questionnaire in a standardized framework, autofill can identify the questionnaire type and supplies these selections.

Choose Save source to complete this process, then Run autofill to initiate the AI Autofill. While AI Autofill runs, you will have a status bar tracking the current progress.

AI Autofill may take a short time to complete. This process will continue to run even if you navigate away from the questionnaire. If your questionnaire is still processing, check back after approximately 10 minutes.

Reviewing AI-powered suggestions

When your AI-driven suggestions have finished populating, you can open the questionnaire to review suggestions and finalize your answers.

The progress bar will identify how much of the questionnaire has been populated with AI-driven suggestions. In the example shown, 198 of 212 (93%) questions have some form of answer, with blue indicating answers that have been provided or accepted by a user and orange representing AI suggestions generated by AI Autofill.

Questions with AI suggestions will also be highlighted orange in the sidebar navigation. Blue icons indicate answers that have been provided or accepted by a user, and orange icons represent AI suggestions populated by AI Autofill.

Use the suggestion callout box to Accept or Reject the answer suggested by AI Autofill, or edit it directly within the form. You can click the information icon to open additional details about the suggestion, such as which sources were used to populate the text.

Accept the suggestion to confirm the answer. Reject a suggestion to remove the suggested text. For questions with multiple choice answers, confirm the answer by selecting that option or by using the Accept button in the suggestion box.

Submitting your questionnaire

When you have finalized your answers and are ready to submit the questionnaire, press the Submit button on the action bar.

If there are still unanswered questions or suggestions that have not been approved, you will receive a reminder about any pending questions.

If you proceed with the submissions, all suggestions will be accepted as-is and unanswered questions will remain blank. Please review the suggestions and confirm the answers prior to submission.

Once you submit the questionnaire, your answers will be delivered to your recipient. You can still update your answers after submission, which will notify the recipient of the change.

Further reading

To continue working with UpGuard's AI-driven features, read our AI Toolkit Beta FAQs.

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