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How to respond to requests for documentation
How to respond to requests for documentation

Learn about adding documentation to assist with third party risk assessments

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When an UpGuard customer is monitoring your organization as a vendor, they can send you requests for documentation to assist with assessing your security posture. Providing security documentation, such as audit reports, to your customers by responding to these requests is a great way to securely share information about your company's security posture and may alleviate the need to answer a lengthy security questionnaire or may help support or clarify answers you have provided in a security questionnaire.

If an UpGuard customer sends you a request for documentation you will receive an email detailing the request and a link to the UpGuard platform to upload the requested documentation.

The request to Add Documents will appear in your Tasks list.

Selecting the chevron on the right will take you through to the request details, where you can upload a document and add an expiry date.

Once you have uploaded the document, you will see the status change to In review, which means that your document has been shared with users in the organization who requested the document.

Once your customer has reviewed the document you uploaded you will see the status change to complete.

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