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What is Detected Products?
What is Detected Products?
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UpGuard's passive scanning capabilities can identify what software products are used by a domain or IP address based on characteristic features in the page title, contents, server headers, and other information returned by the system.

Understanding what software is in use across your fleet deepens your asset inventory by going beyond what IPs and domains make up your digital footprint to tell you what is running on those assets. That information can be used to accelerate your vendor management program by identifying vendors that are already in use, as well as to identify unapproved software or "shadow IT."

By Product

To see what products have been detected across your assets, go to the Detected Products page. Here you can see a list of products, the number of your IPs and domains using that product, the type of product, and the product vendor.

By Vendor

To compare the list of vendors in use on your sites with those that are managed in the Vendor Risk module, switch to the "By Vendor" tab. Here you will see which vendors make products in use across your footprint and whether they are already being monitored in Vendor Risk. If not, you can add them to ensure that all your suppliers have been assessed according to your risk management program.

Filtering Products

As with other pages in UpGuard, you can open the filter options with the "Apply Filters" button on the right. Here you can filter by the category of product and whether the vendor is monitored or unmonitored.

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