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How to begin a typosquatting takedown request
How to begin a typosquatting takedown request

Learn how to report a malicious domain found in UpGuard

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If you've identified a malicious domain in the Typosquatting module, the next step is to submit an abuse report to the domain's registrar to take it offline. You may also want to block the domain from your internal mail servers, but contacting the registrar is necessary to protect people outside your organization, like your customers.

To do this in UpGuard, go to Typosquatting and select a domain to open the domain panel. Here, you can choose to ignore domains that are benign or begin the takedown process for those that are malicious.

Select Takedown to go to the abuse reporting page for the domain's registrar. This opens an external link to the registrar's site where you can submit the information required to remove the domain from the internet.

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