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How to add and edit security and privacy pages in Trust Exchange
How to add and edit security and privacy pages in Trust Exchange

Learn how to customize your security and privacy page links.

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UpGuard stores security and privacy pages against each organization, to make it easier to source and access publicly available security information when performing vendor risk assessments. Security and privacy pages may be added automatically as part of UpGuard's scanning capabilities, and you can add or edit these in UpGuard Trust Exchange.

Add and edit your own organization's security and privacy pages

If you have a Trust Page, you can add security and privacy pages which will be visible to any organization monitoring you. You can also edit any of the pages added by UpGuard. To do this navigate to your Trust Page and scroll down to the Security and privacy pages section, and select Edit Pages.

Once you have made the changes and additions you want, select save changes to make these changes visible to users in other organizations.

Note that once you have edited a link it will be available to view across the UpGuard platform irrespective of whether you later unpublish your Trust Page. If you want a link to be removed, you should edit or delete it via your Trust Page as described in this section.

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