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How to view the access log of your Shared Profile
How to view the access log of your Shared Profile

Use the access log to identify who views your Shared Profile.

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As you work with external parties, you may wish to check if they have accessed your Shared Profile so that you can confirm they have access to the documents they need. With the access log, you can review who has accessed your Shared Profile.

Viewing the access log

To view the access log, navigate to My Shared Profile.

Screencapture of a sample Shared Profile page with the organization's information redacted

Click the Access log tab.

Screencapture of the Access log tab with two users redacted

The Access log provides a reverse chronological list of all users who have accessed your Shared Profile. You will be able to review their name, email address associated with their account, and a timestamp for when they accessed your profile.

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