How do I assign granular user permissions for Shared Profile users?

Select Settings from the left-hand navigation panel (1) then ensure you are looking at the users tab (2), then select the edit pencil (3) if it is an existing user. If you are inviting a new user, hit Invite user (4).

This will bring up the Set permissions screen. Within the Shared Profile selection you have 3 options:

  1. Can view this organization's Shared profile - which defaults to enabled if you have selected the Enable Shared Profile box above.

  2. Can invite and grant access to the Shared Profile - this allows the user to review and approve/deny requests for access to your company's Shared Profile.

  3. Can update shared questionnaires and documents, and publish the Shared Profile - this allows the user to edit what is available on the shared profile as well as the overall state of the Shared Profile.

Click on Apply changes when you are happy with the user permissions and you are all done.

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