When you submit the answers to a questionnaire, UpGuard now keeps a database of questions and answers which can be drawn upon when answering future questionnaires. This will greatly reduce the time and tedium involved in answering questionnaires you have already answered before.

Autofilling an entire questionnaire

When you are sent a questionnaire, we'll automatically scan any previous questionnaires you or a member of your organization has responded to, and determine if the new questionnaire can be autofilled.

If autofill is available for the current questionnaire, you'll be able to see an "Autofill available" button at the top of the questionnaire, and also next to the progress bar at the bottom of the screen.

Clicking the autofill icon will allow you to review the number of questions that can be automatically filled out. Once you run the autofill for the entire questionnaire, any questions with matching previous responses will be overwritten. However the questionnaire will remain in draft, so you'll have a chance to review all the answers before submitting the questionnaire.

Reviewing the potential responses for a particular question

On each individual question in the questionnaire, you can also review all of the potentially matching answers, and select an answer manually. To do that, you can click on the autofill icon next to each question:

Icon shows with a green dot if there are potential responses with a high match confidence. These questions will be autofilled with the best match when autofilling an entire questionnaire.

Icon shows with a question mark if there are potential responses that need to be manually reviewed as they have a lower match confidence.

Clicking the autofill icon on a question will show you a list of potential responses from questionnaires that you or others in your organization have answered previously. These responses are ordered with the best match first. Some examples are shown below:

  1. 100% matches are shown when this exact question has been answered before. If multiple exact matches exist for a question, the most recently used answer will be shown first. See "1" in the image below for an example.

  2. Some questionnaires may ask the same question with slightly different wording – these may be shown as high confidence (but not 100%) matches. See "2" in the image below for an example.

  3. Lower confidence matches may not be eligible for filling in this question as the previously used answer does not match any options on the question. These are still presented in the list for reference purposes. See "3" in the image below for an example.

Eligibility for autofilling a questionnaire

When answering a questionnaire, we'll draw on previous responses from a pool of the following:

  • Any submitted questionnaires you have been specially added as a collaborator to

  • Any questionnaires published to your organization's Shared Profile

  • Any submitted questionnaires that others in your organization have been sent, where the 'Allow others in my account to re-use answers from this questionnaire' toggle is turned on. This will be on by default for most questionnaires. (Pictured below)

If no previous questionnaires have been answered by you or others in your organization, the autofill feature will not be available. It will automatically become available once you have completed your first questionnaire.

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