If we scan a domain that is in maintenance mode it will likely result in different automated scanning results than the live website. Due to this, the security rating and risks displayed in the UpGuard platform for that day could change.

Our security ratings are based on externally observable information and the results of any security questionnaires. If any of the information we use changes due to the website being in maintenance mode, it results in a different security rating. This includes information such as open ports, TLS certificates, and DNS health. You can learn more about how we collect data for our security ratings and how our security ratings are calculated here.

If we are unable to collect the data at all because the website is down (we get no HTTP response), we use the last available information for that domain to calculate its security rating unless we deem the data to be too old.

After we deem the latest data for that domain to be too old, if the domain has no open ports or MX records, we would classify it as inactive. Learn more about the differences between active and inactive domains here.

Inactive domains are scanned on a monthly basis, which means in this situation the domain wouldn’t be scanned for another month. You can learn more about how frequently we scan websites here.

If you believe this has happened due to a website in maintenance mode, you can manually rescan the domain. Learn how to rescan your own domain or IP here. To rescan a vendor’s domain, you would follow a similar process to the one outlined in the article but on the vendor’s Domains & IPs page rather than your own.

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