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The UpGuard Platform
The UpGuard Platform

Learn how UpGuard works and how to get the most out of it.

How to generate a Board summary report
What scoring system does UpGuard use for vulnerability severity?UpGuard uses CVSSv3 scores as the standard severity scoring system, and CVSSv2 when v3 scores are not available.
What are "provisional" risks?As part of the release process for risks that will affect scores, they are first added to the platform with no score impact.
Can I scan a sub-directory of a domain?If we scan why don't we scan as well?
Reporting in UpGuardFind out how to generate reports using the UpGuard platform.
How to create a custom report templateCreate a custom report template which will be added to the UpGuard Reports library for you and others in your organization
How to schedule a recurring reportAutomate your cybersecurity information review with recurring reports.