UpGuard makes it simple to answer questionnaires that are sent to you. You should have already received an email inviting you to access UpGuard to complete the questionnaire with the subject line Request from COMPANYNAME to complete a security questionnaire.

Create a new account or log in to the platform

Head to your inbox, open the email, and click Complete questionnaire.

If you haven't used UpGuard before, you'll be prompted to create an account. Creating an account lets you securely answer the questionnaire and lets you invite collaborators to answer the questionnaire too. If you've used UpGuard before, you'll be prompted to log in.

Once you've logged in, click on Answer questionnaires in the sidebar if you're not already there. Your screen should look similar to below.

Answer the security questionnaire and invite a collaborator

From here, you'll want to click on the questionnaire you were sent. This will take you to the questionnaire details page. If you need to invite a collaborator, click Invite collaborator, or if you're ready to start answering the questionnaire click Start questionnaire.

Clicking Start questionnaire will open the questionnaire in a new tab. As your answer, we'll automatically save your answers.

If you're ready to submit your answers click SUBMIT in the lower right corner of your screen and if you want to save your progress but not submit your answer click SAVE AND CLOSE. Don't worry, if you forget to click SAVE AND CLOSE your answers will still be saved.

Clicking SUBMIT will open up a confirmation modal, if you're sure click SUBMIT.

Edit the security questionnaire after submitting

If you head back to the questionnaire details page, you'll see the status of the questionnaire is now Submitted. If you need to update your answers, click Continue answering or click on one of the unanswered questions (if applicable).

If at any point you need to message the sender, click Messages in the top right corner of your screen. When you send a message, we'll notify the sender too.

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