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UpGuard API
UpGuard API

Learn more about UpGuard's API, where you can find its documentation, and what you can do with it

How to get started with UpGuard on ZapierLearn about how you can use Zapier to integrate UpGuard with over 4,000+ apps
How to integrate notifications with ServiceNowSend important notifications from UpGuard to ServiceNow via webhooks if ServiceNow is your ITSM toolset.
How to download Questionnaire Attachments via the APIQuestionnaire Attachments are available for download via the UpGuard API. You may, for example, want to back your files up to disk.
How to bulk import vendor informationImport data for your vendors with the UpGuard API. This guide includes sample scripts for Python and Ruby.
How to bulk export vendor informationExport the name, primary domain, security rating, and labels for your monitored vendors by using the UpGuard API.
How to notify to Slack when a new Data Leaks finding is publishedIt's important to investigate a Data Leaks finding as soon as it is published. This guide shows how you can notify your Engineers via Slack.
Where can I find the UpGuard API documentation?Learn where to find the UpGuard API documentation.
How to integrate UpGuard with other services using webhooksListen for events on your UpGuard account so your integration can automatically trigger reactions.
How to send notifications to Splunk from UpGuardThis guide provides a worked solution on how to log events from UpGuard into Splunk
How to authenticate with your UpGuard API keySet up an API key associated with your organization's account for authentication via the UpGuard API.
How to retrieve risks detected for your account using the UpGuard APIRetrieve risks details for your account through the command line by interfacing with the UpGuard API.
How to retrieve risks detected for a vendor using the UpGuard APIRetrieve risks detected for a vendor through the command line by interfacing with the UpGuard API.
How to make API calls to UpGuard using PostmanPostman is a third-party application for making API calls. You can make calls to UpGuard using Postman.
How to integrate UpGuard as a data source for Power BIUpGuard provides an API to integrate information into other platforms, such as Power BI for data analytics.
How to request a report via the UpGuard APIRequest a report to be delivered from the UpGuard platform.
ServiceNow Incident Integration - Recommended Webhook SyntaxDetailed guidance on how to customize the payload template when setting up Incident creation integrations with ServiceNow using Webhooks
ServiceNow Incident Integration - Advanced FeaturesServiceNow provides a variety of ways that you can further enhance and customize Incident creation.
How to set up ServiceNow Vendor Risk integration with UpGuardLearn how to install and set up the UpGuard Cyber Risk application and integrate it with your ServiceNow Vendor Risk solution